How to get tickets?

You don't need any…

Tickets for all* events are by donation.

You can donate

via VIPPS to 93281198 or

via PayPal to

*There is one event you’ll need a pre-paid ticket for and you can purchase that by clicking the button below.

Price: 250/180


Where is the Festival?

Great question. Nearly all the events are at:

Skådalsveien 13A, 0781 Oslo


Please use the driveway to walk to the big mustard coloured house at the back of the roadside buildings.

If you’re arriving by car, please park on the street.

If you’re arriving by metro take Metro 1 west to Vettakollen.

The Timani Chamber Orchestra event is at:

Gamle Raadhus Scene

Christiania Torv 1, Oslo 0157

It’s tucked away in the corner of the square so look for the signs outside. It’s the terracotta coloured building.

Gamle Raadhus scene.png

See above for links to purchase a ticket for this show.


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